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Track TILLr

Don’t just fill your pivot tracks, TILL them

The Track Tillr is the ultimate machine for repairing the tracks and ruts caused by center pivots. Most pivot track fillers only fill the track with trash and then cover it with a layer of dirt. The Track Tillr uses an entirely new set of tooling to bust up hard ruts, fill the track with soil (not trash), and pack it and feather out the soil surface up to 99″ wide.


Wider Footprint

Up to 88 percent wider than standard track fillers, the Track Tillr’s unique design repairs swells in tracks caused by years of using V-shaped track fillers that funnel all the soil to the center.

Heavyweight Champ

The heavy-duty frame is up to 70 percent heavier than the competition, enabling better penetration, more consistent depth control and smoother finish.

Mid-Frame Packer

Optional mid-frame packer can apply up to 1500 lbs of spring force right in the center 10.5 inches of the track, to pack the soil right where it needs it, in the pivot track.

The heavy-duty track packer is mounted right behind the sidewall-busting discs to pack the soil directly in the pivot track. With 4.5” of height adjustment and spring tension adjustment up to 1500lbs. you can maximize the packing action to create a solid track base. The cogged roller design keeps the packer rolling even in sticky soil conditions and is mounted on heavy-duty bearings to guarantee years of trouble-free service.

Three Times Flatter – Unique Tooling Design

The unique tooling design creates a level seedbed across the full width of the Track Tillr that in replicated studies has been shown to be nearly three times flatter than the standard track filler that funnels all the residue and soil to the center of the machine.

Eliminates buried residue

Buried residue in the track causes inconsistent packing. This residue can be very problematic when strip-tilling because the residue buried in the bottom of the track tends to cause some machines to plug when crossing pivot tracks. The Track Tillr has been shown to reduce the amount of buried residue significantly in this zone.

Smoother Track Crossing

Tilled and level tracks provide for a smoother planting operation and a smoother crossing for the operator, which helps increase planter ride efficiency and reduce operator fatigue.

Recessed-Bearing Guide Wheel

The front-mounted, width- and depth-adjustable guide wheel centers the machine on the pivot track and accurately controls the tillage depth. Featuring an innovative recessed bearing design, the Track Tillr guide wheel helps reduce trash wrapping and protects the four heavy-duty bearings to ensure years of reliable service.

Sidewall Busters

Mounted front and center on the Track Tillr, the massive 22” notched disc blades tear out the toughest sidewalls and seal the bottom of the track with more soil and less residue than traditional track fillers. The width-adjustable discs are mounted on large tapered roller bearings to ensure season after season of trouble-free service.

Angle-Adjustable Rear Disc Gangs

Rear heavy-duty disc gangs decrease in size from the center to the outside of the machine to allow for feathering out of the soil across the machine for a smooth level surface. The rear disc gangs come standard with a simple pin angle adjustment, allowing for adaptation to soil and track width conditions.

Optional Hydraulic Angle Adjustment

Optional Dual Walking Baskets

The rear baskets are supported by a walking tandem beam that allows for smooth travel and creates a level surface. More importantly, because down pressure on the rear baskets is fully adjustable, you can fine-tune the level of firmness.

Optional Hydraulic Angle Adjustment

Rear disc gangs come standard with a pin-and-bolt angle adjustment, making it easy to adapt to soil and track width conditions. The optional hydraulic system allows for on-the-go disc angle adjustment, so you can tailor the finishing job without ever leaving the tractor cab.

See for yourself why the Orthman Track Tillr is a better solution.

Orthman’s Track Tillr tills and seals the track from the center out to the edges of the machine. This generates a flatter surface, puts less residue in the track for better packing and creates the optimal sub-surface conditions for strip-tillage and planter operations.

Typical V-shaped track fillers funnel all the soil and residue from the outside of the machine directly to the center, filling the base of the track with residue and creating undulations that can cause long-term soil swells and result in poor planter ride, plugging issues in strip-tillage applications and rough track crossing.

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