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Stalk Puller

The only tool you need between harvest and planting

The Orthman Stalk Puller is the ideal tool to root out last year’s crop residue and provide a residue-free seedbed for planting. This rugged tool uses low tractor horsepower, at high speeds of 10 mph and above, to make short work of large fields.

Here’s How it Works

An optional adjustable chopper cuts down standing stalks, then large ground-driven V-discs pinch, cut and pull out the stalk. Depending on the blade cutting angle, the machine can simultaneously pull out remaining crop root balls.


Ideal Seedbed Preparation

The stalk puller is the perfect residue management and seedbed preparation tool for multiple crops including corn, cotton, milo and sunflowers. In one pass it removes weeds and crop residue, and dries and warms the soil, for better planter operation, planting stand and emergence.

Zero daily maintenance, helps you get to work

All-new, self-lubricating composite greaseless bushings in the row unit parallel linkage eliminate daily maintenance, helping you to stay in the field covering more acres.

Consistent Cutting

The Stalk Puller features adjustable row unit down pressure allowing for reliable ground contact even in rough conditions.

Customize to Your Conditions

The large v-discs cutting angle is adjustable at four different angles of aggressiveness, allowing minimal soil disturbance and only cutting the root crown, all the way to pulling out the entire crop root balls.

Configurable to your operation

The Orthman Stalk Puller is available in a wide range of implement sizes and toolbar models to meet the needs of virtually any operation. Additional attachments such as rolling choppers and gauge wheels increase the action and precision the Stalk Puller provides. The Stalk Puller’s adjustability and versatility adapt to a variety of field conditions for optimum residue management.

Heavy-Duty Frame

The solid welded heavy-duty boxed in frame design tightly holds all components in place to guarantee precision operation and maximum cutting power.

Efficient Operation

Huge 24-inch ground-driven cutting discs require low HP at operating speeds up to 10 MPH, allowing you to cover more acres with less fuel. To push your efficiency even further, the 24-inch blades are mounted on enormous sealed bearings and the blades are easily reversible for extended life.

Maximum Chopping Ability

Optional 12-inch, 7-blade choppers are also available that allow the adjustment of depth and cutting angle to give you the optimal chopping action in any situation. The high carbon steel blades maintain their cutting edge power throughout their life for maximum chopping ability for years of service.

Unsurpassed toolbar strength

The Stalk Puller can be mounted on any of Orthman’s industry-leading rigid or folding toolbars, featuring wide, precision line-bored hinges for smooth folding and extra-engineered strength.

Patented Design

Orthman toolbars are designed around the original principles of the Orthman internal cylinder folding toolbar first developed in the 1970s. The toolbar’s innovative internal folding cylinder design allows the toolbar to fold while freeing up peripheral toolbar space that’s wasted in external folding cylinder models.

Precision Depth Control

For additional depth control, optional gauge wheels utilize heavy-duty hubs and an enclosed height-adjustment screw for easy, maintenance-free adjustments.

Why the Stalk Puller is A Tough Act To Follow

Optimum residue management for all conditions
Self-aligning, low-horsepower/high-speed operation
Greaseless composite bushings eliminate daily maintenance
Available in 4- to 16-row configurations on industry-leading Orthman toolbars
Creates minimal ridge disturbance while maintaining the shape of the seedbed
Leaves planting beds smooth, allowing for improved planter efficiency
Adjustable row unit down pressure to maintain perfect ground contact
Blades are easily reversible to extend life
Optional adjustable choppers for maximum chopping action
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